Monday, August 9, 2021

4 Handicap Accessibility Renovation Ideas

Most people don't think about having handicap accessibility built into their homes until they need it. However, it can open your home up to a bigger range of buyers and help you get the property sold much faster. So what kind of renovations actually make your home more handicap accessible? 

1) Larger Bathrooms

Having a larger bathroom means that you can get a wheelchair in and out of that space more easily. It also means a walker would be easier to navigate in that space for those buyers who would want to grow old in their homes. 

2) Open Floor Plans

Doors and arches restrict movement for those of us that deal with mobility challenges. An open floor plan has become more preferred among most buyers looking for a space that brings families together.  

3) Dedicated room for Laundry

Many buyers also want a mudroom space, so why not combine the two? Make room to sort the dirty laundry and store everything you need for doing it. Not only does this make your home more attractive to buyers but it also adds an element of being handicap-friendly. 

4) adding a hose and head shower attachment

Adding a removable shower head on a hose actually makes your showers and tubs easier to clean. It's a simple little thing that could entice buyers to your home. In addition, your showers also become easier to use. 

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