Thursday, May 7, 2020

Libraries of the Future

Public and school libraries have remained relatively the same throughout the last twenty years of the explosion of technological advancements. However, the way that people do research has changed. Living in a world where almost any question can be answered with "Hey Alexa", "Siri", or "okay Google" has almost left reference sections in libraries desolate unused spaces. 

Library spaces today need more private or even small soundproof rooms for students to study in. Quiet spaces for writing papers, recording audio all to yourself, or even just a space for alone time would greatly improve the functionality of library space. Printers are something however, most people don't want to be lugging around with them. Imagine what a pain that would be! 

A functional public city center library should be also a place of refuge for a city. This means that it can be a seismically reinforced building with base isolators for our specific area here in Utah. It can be a place to hold public voting and other political events. Classes for the community can be taught at a library too.

Some incredible libraries even have mini theaters you can reserve for parties! How about gaming consoles you can check out? Other libraries create entire rooms for gamers to get together. 

What about an in-home library? Well, our friends over at can help you out with this too! From securely installing ceiling supports for indoor hammocks to custom shelving or even a secret door bookcase, they have you covered! Want an epic room for books? No problem! 
You can even have moving shelves installed where isles open between them with one push of a button. You can have even more space for your beloved old & worn books! 

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